1. I am extremely stoked to have been invited by Leica to participate in the Miami Perspective project along with other photographers I really admire. Check the link for updates as we start posting our contributions.


  2. Spoke to the amazing Agatha Wara about the exhibtion she put together for Basel last year, Shell Reflexive, for BRACE Magazine, and discussed it at length. Read the reflection here.

    Beautiful Najva Sol took the photos.


  3. Photographed and interviewed the beautiful, wise Ana Mendez for Creem regarding her residency in the Everglades via AIRIE here. Some people are beyond special; she is one of them.


  4. Last summer, I went to Atlanta to interview and photograph Lonnie Holley. We hung out at Bradford Cox’s house, looked at weird books, arranged furniture. It was the most magical day of my year, maybe my life.

    You’ll find the interview on Creem Magazine’s updated site HERE, thanks to the super-amazing Alec Friedman. If you scroll to the bottom, you can hear the beautiful song about Aquarius magic that Mr. Holley made up for me right on the spot.


  5. This one for BRACE Digital with Bethan Laura Wood was fun.


  6. I interviewed the amazing Jessica Gispert for BRACE Online. BRACE Online just launched, and it’s already incredible. So glad to be a part of it.





  10. Dim Past’s EP, Black Dolphin, premiered on Dazed Digital. I’ve got a few photos of him on there, but more importantly, you should listen to all four tracks—especially “Spectre In Wire.”


  11. Issue six of FutureClaw is finally out, and it’s totally viewable online here. I’ve got four wonderful interviews in there: with Cold Specks on page 13, Nektar De Stagni on 101, Dalila Pasotti of Hollow Dancer on 103, and Tess Giberson on 105. All of these women are strong, talented, and far too intelligent for me to reckon with.


  12. Caught Dim Past looking mystical. Go pre-order his EP.