1. Interviewed Iceage for The Miami Rail, an offshoot/expansion of the Brooklyn Rail. Their frontman, Elias, is good at shifting—very quickly and randomly—between prickly and curt to warm and funny. Hence the very short interview here.


  2. Outtakes from my interview and photo shoot with Molly Nilsson for the first issue of BRACE.


  3. Tearsheets from my interview + photo shoot with Matthew Day Jackson for the most recent issue of Garagisme.


  4. Interviewed Min Song and reviewed her piece at NADA for Idiom here. She makes sculptures look like paintings in more than a few ways.


  5. I interviewed and photographed the incredibly talented (and incredibly wry) Matthew Day Jackson for the third issue of Gilles Lopez’s beautiful magazine, Garagisme. I went to Matt’s studio while I was recovering from the flu, and spent the entire time taking in the information in a sort of haze that made it all seem very psychedelic. It was one of the most accidentally surreal experiences of my entire life.

    The article is sandwiched in between interviews with the likes of Frank Ocean and Stephen Bayley, and photographs by Tania Feghali, among many awesome others. Pre-order the issue here.





  9. little updates here.


  10. Coral Morphologic are an amazing duo here in Miami who are both environmental activists and artists. Everything they do is beautiful, and my photos captured maybe one-hundredth of that. Peep it at Dazed Digital.